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A little bit about me...

Hi!  I am an Atlanta-based aspiring Set Decorator and Buyer working in feature

films, television, commercials and music videos. My true passion is working in the

entertainment industry and being a part of a creative team. The art of visual

storytelling captivates my imagination. To me, creating worlds centered around

character and story is the most exhilarating and challenging form of design. I have

over 13 years of varied experiences that make me a good fit for any production. 

I love the challenge of locating the hard-to-find items and perfect pieces that

enhances any sets realism. When I sign on to a new production,

I promise to deliver on every piece of set dressing the production needs. From the

research phase through the final touches of dressing a set, I love every moment

of making an environment and character come to life. A balance of my education

and training, experience, vendor knowledge and relationships, great

organizational skills and keen attention to detail have been essential in my

goal of becoming a Decorator.


I am currently the Assistant Set Decorator on an Apple TV mini-series called

Lady in the Lake. The series is an adaptation of Laura Lippman’s novel of the same

name. It takes place in 1960s Baltimore, where an unsolved murder pushes

housewife and mother, Maddie Schwartz (Natalie Portman), to reinvent her life as

an investigative journalist and sets her on a collision course with Cleo Sherwood

(Moses Ingram), a hard-working woman juggling motherhood, many jobs and a

passionate commitment to advancing Baltimore’s Black progressive agenda. 


I am from a quaint town in Northeast, Tennessee called Bristol. I knew from a

very early age that I was destined to pursue a career in the crazy world of art and 

filmmaking. After receiving a degree in film beginning another in interior design

from SCAD, I am so eager to make my imprint on the film and design community.

I have a wonderful family that supports me and who I am. I love cooking,

exercising, studying the latest greatest design trends, traveling and watching

movies. I love meeting new people and taking on new challenges. If you would

like to work together or get to know me, check out my contact page.

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