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Dustin Berry Glasses Glare.HEIC

Dustin is an Atlanta-based Set Decorator and a journeyman member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 479 working in feature films, television, commercials, and music videos.


The art of visual storytelling captivates his imagination and with over fifteen years of professional experience, he makes a great fit for any production. His true passion is working in the entertainment industry and being a part of a creative team.

Dustin loves the challenge of locating the hard-to-find and unique pieces that enhance any set's realism. When he signs on to a production, he promises to deliver on every piece of set dressing the production needs. From the research phase through the final touches of dressing a set, he loves every moment of making an environment and character come to life. A balance of his education, experiences, managerial skills, and keen attention to detail have each been instrumental in his career in the entertainment industry.


When not working, Dustin loves trying out new recipes, exercising, studying the latest design trends, spoiling his two Frenchies, traveling, and watching his favorite shows.

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